The Money Grabber BoothThe Money Grabber Booth

Prices start st only £299 for an amazing 3 hours of fantastic fun entertainment for all your guests, Weddings, Birthdays, Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary or Corporate Event.

We're always on the look out for fun and exciting things to add to our services, something to make your guests say 'wow', something that'll make your party go down with a bang and get guests talking about it for days and weeks to come.

 So, here's the latest addition to our family, The Money Grabber Booth - rememember crystal maze? Or what about the grab a grand machine on Noel's house party (showing my age now!!) well, now you can have that experiance! Come and see how much money (all be it fake money!) you can grab, highest amount at the end of the night will win a prize!! 

Monday - Thursday £299.00 Friday - Sunday £349.00.